Tälttugg is an crossmedia production developed and created as a school project during my education at Umeå University. 

The course during that time was called ”designing crossmedia” (design av crossmedia) and one of the assignments was to pick a target audience and create different productions within the same concept to that given audience. As my partner and I both love to be out in the nature hiking we decided that our target audience was going to be people that already has an interest in outdoor activities and those who would like to extend their time outdoors. We wanted to inspire others to be out in the nature more and to show that it dosen’t have to be so complicated. We wanted to illuminate the idea of that you have to walk the longest hike, tent the most nights or wear the most expensive outdoor clothing when you enjoy the nature.

To do this we wanted to create different materials that was easy to absorb. That it should be easy for the target audience to take part of short sections of the episode with the possibility to view the full versions of it at our platform. Each episode was going to be documented and composed as a video, podcast and with pictures. 


Crossmedia production



The videos were supposed to reflect the ”adventure” that happens during the day. They should be about 10-15 minutes long and shared on youtube. One episode for each adventure. In each episode the target audience would be able to see us take a guest out for a hike, fishing trip or a tent night to get to know the guest little better and to hopefully learn new things. 

Towards the evening of each ”adventure”, the day would then be summed up with the guest in a podcast. Where a more genuine conversation would takes shape either by a campfire or in the tent. Several tips from the guest would then be discussed, for instance what they think is good to know when hiking in the nature, or what the worst and best thing that has happened to them when they have been out in the nature is.

The strength of this podcast is that it is part of a larger concept, but also that it is recorded in an unusual place. It should not feel planned or structured. It should instead feel lika a genuine conversation far away from the white walls of a room were a podcast usually is recorded. You should be able to hear a fire crackle in the background or sleeping bags that rattle.



3D work



När livet vänder is another school project in which we were supposed to make an intro for a tv program in 3D. I choose to make a intro for a program called ”När livet vänder” which is a SVT program about people whose life has been turned up side down.