"Be yourself. Everyone else is taken."
- Oscar Wilde

Colors of Norrland

Colors of Norrland is a photo series inspired by the nature as the nature has so many fantastic colors, smells, flavors and shapes to offer. The pictures are photographed and created in Hemavan with berries and mushrooms picked by myself.


In high school my teachers mentioned ten learner profile that they wanted us to strive for during our education.
These learner profile were to be an inquirer, to be knowledgeable, to be caring, to be a communicator, to be a thinker, to be balanced, to be a risk-taker,
to be principled, to be reflective and to be open minded. These learner profiles became very important to me and still are. 


Linnea Rådahl
Graphic designer

Mail – linneara@me.com
Instagram – linneaar

Education – Digital media Production (2016-2019)

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