Linnea Rådahl UX Designer

Designing memorable experiences that are intuitive to use, while meeting both business and users pain points and needs.


Hi there, my name is Linnea! I am a multidisciplinary UX designer with a bachelor’s degree in digital media production, who loves to spend time in the outdoors, problem solving and creating memorable experiences for people.

New! Live soon!

Age Quiz

A creative initiative to spread awareness about one of Systembolaget’s important sales rules – to not sell alcohol to people under the age of 20.

Improved Educational Tool

A new improved and user-friendly tool for new employees to learn about Systembolaget and its products in a more engaging way.

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Responsive Landing Page

Designing a responsive landing page for a fictitious gym with the goal for the user to interact and register for a service. 

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Coming soon


Improving the personalisation of profiles feature and making profile customisation flow better

UX/UI Designer

Hi, this is me

As a person who’s always been very creative and curious, I sometimes like to describe myself as a chameleon with interests and knowledges in a variety of different fields eager to learn new things. This innate desire has helped me to identify both opportunities and solutions to problems and to explore various creative fields.

Other Things I Enjoy

Graphic design
Video creation

What Others Are Saying About Me

”An undeniably driven and committed person who always has the (right) answer! Curious, funny and optimistically questioning. Linnéa you have made my UX journey so much more fun that I expected”
– UX Teammate

”The one who perseveres until the very end and always strives for excellence. She twist and turns everything until she comes close, oh so close, to perfection. A leader who knows her path, and I am certain that you will achieve your goal when the time is ripe. Thanks for all the good laughs and for being so sweet.” 

– UX Teammate